Digifonen april 3, 2019 – Posted in: Portfolio

We have created a design that introduces the pensioners to digital content, through a nostalgic, recognizable and simple artifact that pensioners are “masters” of using and which in this connection contributes to the elderly feeling welcome at Dokk1.

The design process was a part of a bachelor course called design. The main focus areas were: Participatory design and Design Thinking

To reach the finding we used following methods:

Field research, Qualitative methods, Interviews, Workshops, Personas, User journey, Mockup and Video scenarios


The idea behind the concept is to give pensioners an introduction to Dokk1’s digital content through a nostalgic artefact.
Physically, the Digifone is an old rotary phone where new content is added. The phone is made to stand in an area of DOKK1, where pensioners often seek to find peace and read a newspaper.
When you lift the handset on the phone, you are automatically presented with a changeover.
The switch allows the user to listen to 3 different sound clips:

  1. A personal narrative from young users of DOKK1
  2. An audiobook
  3. A podcast

To select, the user must dial 1, 2 or 3 on the rotary.
When the user does not want to listen more, the user can hang up and the phone will automatically reset. Then the phone will be ready for the next to lift the handset.
The phone is equipped with feedback messages on all keys. That is, if, for example, you dial wrong, a voice will guide the user back on the right track.
The rotary phone is primarily intended for pensioners or other users who are familiar with this nostalgic electronics.